Numbers in Carrier (Dakelh)

How to count in Carrier (Dakeł / ᑕᗸᒡ), an Athabascan language spoken in central British Columbia in Canada.

These numbers are shown in the following dialects: Lheidli Dakelh (LD), S̲aik'uz̲ Carrier (SC), Stuart Lake Carrier (SLC) and Ulkatcho Carrier (UC). Their generic forms are shown. Other numbers forms, such as abstract, human and locative, are available.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 'ilhuk'ui (ᐧᐉᘰᗽᐉ) - LD
lhuk'ui (ᘰᗽᐉ) - SC
'ilho (ᐧᐉᘯ) - SLC
lhuk’i (ᘰᗿ) - UC
'udechoo (ᐧᐅᑓᙛ) - SC, SLC & UC
2 nankoh (ᘇᐣᗶᑋ) - LD, SC & UC
nanki (ᘇᐣᗹ) - SLC
whulhnat (ᗘᒡᘇᐪ) - SC
3 tagi (ᗡᗳ) - LD & SC
ta (ᗡ) - SLC
tak'i (ᗡᗿ) - UC
whulh ta (ᗘᒡ ᗡ) - SLC
4 dunghi (ᑐᐣᗎ) - LD
dungi (ᑐᐣᗳ) - SC
dunghui (ᑐᐣᗌᐉ) - SLC
dink’i (ᑔᐣᗿ) - UC
5 skwunlai (ᔆᐠᗒᐣᘧᐉ) - LD, SC & UC
kwulai' (ᐠᗒᘧᐉᐧ) - SLC
6 lhk'utagih (ᒡᗽᗡᗳᑋ) - LD
lhk'utagi (ᒡᗽᗡᗳ) - SC
lhk'uta (ᒡᗽᗡ) - SLC
lhk'utak'i (ᒡᗽᗡᗿ) - UC
7 lhtak'alt'i (ᒡᗡᘀᑊᗦ) - LD, SC & UC
lhtak'ant'i (ᒡᗡᘀᐣᗦ) - SLC
8 lhk'utdunghi (ᒡᗽᐪᑐᐣᗎ) - LD, SC & SLC
lhk'udink'i (UC)
9 lhuk'ui hooloh (ᘰᗽᐉ ᐯᘣᑋ) LD
'ilho hooloh (ᐧᐉᘯ ᐯᘣᑋ) - SC & SLC lhuk'i hoolah (ᘰᗿ ᐯᘧᑋ) - UC
10 lanezi (ᘧᘅᙄ) - LD, SC & UC
whuniz̲yai (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
whuniz̲yat (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐪ) - SLC
11 lanezi 'o'a lhuk'ui (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘰᗽᐉ) - LD
lanezi 'o'un lhuk'ui (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐅᐣ ᘰᗽᐉ) - SC
whuniz̲yai 'on'at 'ilho (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ ᐧᐃᐣᐧᐊᐪ ᐧᐉᘯ) - SLC
lanezi 'o'a lhuk'i (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘰᗿ) - UC
12 lanezi 'o'a nankoh (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘇᐣᗶᑋ) - LD
lanezi 'o'un nanko (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐅᐣ ᘇᐣᗶ) - SC
whuniz̲yai 'on'at nanki (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ ᐧᐃᐣᐧᐊᐪ ᘇᐣᗹ) - SLC
lanezi 'o'a nanko (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘇᐣᗶ) - UC
13 lanezi 'o'a tagi (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᗡᗳ) - LD
whuniz̲yai 'on'at ta (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ ᐧᐃᐣᐧᐊᐪ ᗡ) - SLC
14 lanezi 'o'a dunghi (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᑐᐣᗎ) - LD
whuniz̲yai 'on'at dunghi (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ ᐧᐃᐣᐧᐊᐪ ᑐᐣᗎ) - SLC
lanezi 'o'at dit (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊᐪ ᑔᐪ) - UC
15 lanezi 'o'a skwunlai (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᔆᐠᗒᐣᘧᐉ) - LD
whuniz̲yai 'on'at kwulai' (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ ᐧᐃᐣᐧᐊᐪ ᐠᗒᘧᐉᐧ) - SLC
16 lanezi 'o'a lhk'utagi (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᒡᗽᗡᗳ) - LD
17 lanezi 'o'a lhtak'alt'i (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᒡᗡᘀᑊᗦ) - LD
18 lanezi 'o'a lhk'utdunghi (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᒡᗽᐪᑐᐣᗎ) - LD
19 lanezi 'o'a lhuk'ui hooloh (ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘰᗽᐉ ᐯᘣᑋ) - LD
20 nat lanezi (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ) - LD, SC & UC
nat whuniz̲yai (nat whuniz̲yai) - SLC
21 nat lanezi 'o'a lhuk'ui (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘰᗽᐉ) - LD
nat lanezi 'o'a lhuk'i (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘰᗿ) - UC
22 nat lanezi 'o'a nankoh (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘇᐣᗶᑋ) - LD
23 nat lanezi 'o'a tagi (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᗡᗳ) - LD
24 nat lanezi 'o'a dunghi (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᑐᐣᗎ) - LD
25 nat lanezi 'o'a skwunlai (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᔆᐠᗒᐣᘧᐉ) - LD
26 nat lanezi 'o'a lhk'utagi (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᒡᗽᗡᗳ) - LD
27 nat lanezi 'o'a lhtak'alt'i (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᒡᗡᘀᑊᗦ) - LD
28 nat lanezi 'o'a lhk'utdunghi (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᒡᗽᐪᑐᐣᗎ) - LD
29 nat lanezi 'o'a lhuk'ui hooloh (ᘇᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ ᐧᐃᐧᐊ ᘰᗽᐉ ᐯᘣᑋ) - LD
30 tat lanezi (ᗡᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ) - LD & UC
tatlanezi (ᗡᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
tat whuniz̲yai (ᗡᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
40 dit lanezi (ᑔᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ) - LD & UC
ditlanezi (ᑔᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
dit whuniz̲yai (ᑔᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
50 skwunlat lanezi (ᔆᐠᗒᐣᘧᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ) - LD & UC
skwunlatlanezi (ᔆᐠᗒᐣᘧᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
kwulat whuniz̲yai (ᐠᗒᘧᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
60 lhk'utatlanezi (ᒡᗽᗡᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
lhk'utat whuniz̲yai (ᒡᗽᗡᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
lhk'utak'i lanezi (ᒡᗽᗡᗿ ᘧᘅᙄ) - UC
70 lhtak'alt'itlanezi (ᒡᗡᘀᑊᗦᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
lhtak'ant'it whuniz̲yai (ᒡᒡᗡᘀᐣᗦᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
lhtak'alt'it lanezi (ᒡᗡᘀᑊᗦᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ) - UC
80 lhk'utditlanezi (ᒡᗽᐪᑔᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
lhk'udit whuniz̲yai (ᒡᗽᑔᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
lhk'udit lanezi (ᒡᗽᑔᐪ ᘧᘅᙄ) - UC
90 lhololanezi (ᘯᘣᘧᘅᙄ) - SC
'ilho hooloh whuniz̲yai (ᐧᐉᘯ ᐯᘣᑋ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
lhuk'i hoolah lanezi (ᘰᗿ ᐯᘧᑋ ᘧᘅᙄ) - UC
100 lanezitlanezi (ᘧᘅᙄᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
whuniz̲yai whuniz̲yai (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐉ) - SLC
lanezi lanezi (ᘧᘅᙄ ᘧᘅᙄ) - UC
1,000 lanezitlanezitlanezi (ᘧᘅᙄᘹᘅᙄᘹᘅᙄ) - SC
whuniz̲yat whuniz̲yat (ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐪ ᗘᘆᙆᘓᐪ) - SLC

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