Family words in Marathi

Words for family members and other relatives in Marathi (मराठी), a Southern Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Meaning Marathi (हिन्दी)
family कुटुंब (kuṭumba),
relation नाते (nātē)
father बाबा (bābā), वडील (vaḍīla)
mother आई (ā'ī), माता (mātā)
husband नवरा (navrā), पती (patī)
wife बायको (bāyakō), पत्नी (patnī)
child बालक (bālaka) - male
बालिका (bālikā) - female
children मुले (mulē)
son पुत्र (putra), मुलगा (mulagā)
daughter कन्या (kan'yā), मुलगी (mulagī)
brother भाऊ (bhāū)
sister बहिण (bahiṇa)
uncle काका (kākā) father’s brother
आतोबा (ātōbā) father’s sister’s husband
मामा (māmā) mother’s brother
काका (kākā) mother’s sister’s husband
aunt आत्या (ātyā) father’s sister
काकू (kāku) father’s brother’s wife
मावशी (māvshī) mother’s sister
मामी (māmī) mother’s brother’s wife
cousin चुलत भाऊ (culata bhā'ū) - male
चुलत बहिण (culata bahiṇa) - female
nephew पुतण्या (putaņyā) brother’s son
भाचा (bhāchā) sister’s son
niece पुतणी (putaņī) brother’s daughter
भाची (bhāchī) sister’s daughter
grandfather आजोबा (ājobā), आबा (ābā)
grandmother आजी (ājī)
great-grandfather पणजोबा (paņajobā)
great-grandmother पणजी (paņajī)
grandson नातू (nātu)
granddaugther नात (nāt)
father-in-law सासरे (sāsre)
mother-in-law सासू (sāsū)
brother-in-law दीर (dīr) husband’s brother
मेव्हणा (mevhņā) wife’s brother
दाजी (dājī) sister’s husband
sister-in-law नणंद (naņand) husband’s sister
जाऊ (jā'ū) husband’s brother’s wife
ताई (tāī) wife’s elder sister
मेव्हणी (mevhnī) wife’s sister
वहिनी (vahinī) older brother’s wife
भावजय (bhāvjay) younger brother’s wife

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