Family words in Esperanto

Words for family members and other relatives in Esperanto.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female, pl = plural

family la familio
parents la gepatroj
father la patro, paĉjo
mother la patrino, panjo
children la infanoj
son la filo
daughter la filino
husband la edzo
wife la edzino
brother la frato
sister la fratino
uncle la onklo
aunt la onklino
cousin la kuzo (m), la kuzino (f), la gekuzoj (pl)
nephews & nieces la genevoj
nephew la nevo
niece la nevino
grandparents la geavoj
grandfather la avo
grandmother la avino
grandchildren la genepoj
grandson la nepo
granddaughter la nepino
great grandparents la prageavoj
great grandfather la praavo
great grandmother la praavino
great grandchildren la pragenepoj
great grandson la pranepo
great granddaughter la pranepino
great uncle praonklo
great aunt praonklino
parents-in-law la bogepatroj
father-in-law la bopatro
mother-in-law la bopatrino
brother-in-law la bofrato
sister-in-law la bofratino
son-in-law la bofilo
daughter-in-law la bofilino

Esperanto family words provided by Utho Maier, with corrections by Robin van der Vliet.


Family words in Esperanto

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