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The Tai Anphabet was designed to write languages of the Tai family, which includes Thai, Lanna, Lao, etc, by Ian James. There is only one glyph per phoneme, and tone-marks sit upon the vowel. The aim was to have a writing system in a single channel, in a linear-alphabetic fashion. Originally the vowel and tone-mark were integrated into a single glyph so there were no floating diacritics at all, but this was found to be too awkward to write. The shapes are derived from or reminiscent of various Tai scripts, especially Thai and Lanna.

Notable features

Tai Anphabet


Tai Anphabet consonants


Tai Anphabet vowels


Broadening diphthongs have their own letter; narrowing diphthongs and triphthongs are formed with a suffix

Tai Anphabet diphthongs

Tone indication

There is no need for Tone Rules based on consonant class, as tone contours are directly encoded. Tone-marks are placed upon the vowel (or first of a double-letter vowel). Tone strokes for Thai are shown here with /i/.

Tai Anphabet tones

Sample text

Sample text in the Tai Anphbaet

IPA transcription

IPA transcription of the Tai Anphbaet sample text


Once upon a time, there was a young lady named Phikul. She was a lovely person, in heart, appearance, behaviour, manners, everything.

More details of the Tai Anphabet

Contact regarding the author's various script systems can be made via email: ianrjames at hotmail dot com.

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