Silabario Amazónico Silam

The Silabario Amazónico, or SilAm, is a syllabic script created by Juan Casco for indigenous Amazonian and Andean languages. Juan Casco is a graphic designer, typographer and visual artist from Ecuador who first proposed Silabario Amazónico in 2016. He has worked with linguists, anthropologists and programming professionals to create tools and methodologies for the dissemination and preservation of indigenous languages.

Notable Features

Silabario Amazónico

Silabario Amazónico

Here are examples of how the letters can be combined together:

Examples of how letters can be stacked together in SilAm

Sample text

Sample text in Silabario Amazónico


Video about Silabario Amazónico


Information about Silabario Amazónico and Juan Casco

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