Penobscot Syllabics (ᑆᕋᕚᓂᐤᑄᐤᓯᐤᔨᕕ)

The Penobscot Syllabics system was devised by Connor Flood to write the language of his grandmother's people, Pânawâhtpskewî (better known as Penobscot), an Eastern Abenaki language that was spoken in Maine in the USA until the 1990s and which is being revived. It uses Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, a syllabary used for various North American indigenous languages, based on Eastern Cree Syllabics, Quechua Syllabics and Blackfoot.

Notable features

Penobscot Syllabics alphabet

Penobscot Syllabics alphabet


The Latin transliteration system used here was devised by Connor Flood. Other spelling systems are available.

Download an alphabet chart for Penobscot Syllabics

Sample sentence in Penobscot Syllabics

ᕡᖨᐤᑲᔉᕮ ᕉᒟᓂᐤᑲᕕᑗᓃᒛᑿᓒ ᑿᓂᐤᖭᓵᕋᕙᓒ.


ezgwate nêmihgawidêhâmêgog gohzêsênawag.


Still they remember me.

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