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Talk Now! Learn Cornish

Talk Now! Learn Cornish

by Eurotalk

- a basic introduction to Cornish. Includes dialogues, exercises, games, tests and notes in many different languages. Introduces a fairly limited amount of vocabulary and phrases, but does so in an effective and fun way.

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TeachMe! Cornish

TeachMe! Cornish

- a CD-ROM course which helps to learn grammar and a wide range of vocabulary. Also includes a book of stories, which you can listen to and read, an audio CD, and an AutoLearn feature. Covers both Common Cornish (Kernewek Kemmyn) and UCR (Kernowek Unys Amendys).

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Skeul an Yeth

Skeul an Yeth - A complete course in the Cornish language

Wella Brown

- an introduction to the Cornish language. Comes in three parts, each of which consists of a textbook and four CDs with recordings of the dialogues and some of the exercises.

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Cornish is Fun

Cornish is Fun: An Informal Course in Living Cornish

by Heini Gruffudd, Ray Chubb, Richard Gendall and Tim Saunders


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Cornish This Way: Holyewgh an Lergh

Cornish This Way: Holyewgh an Lergh - A Beginner's Course in Cornish

by Graham Sandercock

- beginners' Cornish course featuring a textbook and double cassette. The book is divided into 205 short sections each containing a reading, a conversation, a point of grammar or vocabulary or an exercise which can be studied and understood in a short time.

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A New Cornish-English English-Cornish Dictionary

A New Cornish-English English-Cornish Dictionary: Gerlyver Noweth Kernewek-Sawsnek Ha Sawsnek-Kernewek

R. Morton Nance and A.S.D. Smith

- this dictionary was first published in 1938 and was used as the basis for the spelling of Unified Cornish. Contains much useful material which was omitted from later dictionaries for reasons of economy. A word list at the back ensures that new words found after 1938 are included.

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Cornish Dictionary

Cornish Dictionary: An Gerlyver Kres

Ken George (Editor)

- a bilingual Cornish-English / English-Cornish dictionary containing over 20,000 entries.

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Cornish Place Names and Language

A Grammar of Modern Cornish

Wella Brown

- essential reference, especially for advanced students.

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Other books

Cornish Place Names and Language

Cornish Place Names and Language

Craig Weatherhill

- a fascinating book which explains the origins of Cornish place names and includes a basic introduction to Modern Cornish (Kernuack) and details of the history the language.

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The Wheel: an Anthology of Modern Poetry in Cornish 1850-1980

Tim Saunders (Editor)

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