Gleann Cholm Cille

I returned to Bangor from the Isle of Man yesterday after a very enjoyable week at Yn Chruinnaght. I spoke and sang lots of Manx, and heard all the other Celtic languages, except Breton, being spoken and/or sung. I also spoke a bit of French and German, and even some English.

I was even inspired to write a new song while I was there, which is even sillier than my previous efforts.

Today I arrived in Gleann Cholm Cille for the Summer School in Irish language and Culture at Oideas Gael, so am now switching to Irish mode. During the week I’m here blog posts, up-dates on Omniglot and replies to emails might become somewhat sporadic.

5 thoughts on “Gleann Cholm Cille

  1. Love the song! Just the kind of laugh I needed at the beginning of a new work week! The lyrics would make a great warm-up for theatre rehearsals!

  2. I get there on Saturday of next week!! Are you hanging around by any chance? I know you always go for the Language and Culture week, but if you are still there an extra day, it would be great to have a coffee and chat! 🙂 I hope I don’t see you passing by me in transit in the bus on the other side going the opposite way!

    I’ll be in GCC for two weeks throughout August.

  3. Actually, I realized that since you wrote this last Saturday, you’d have to be spending over 2 weeks there to cross paths. Never mind! Sorry I’ll miss you this time round!

    I’ll be recording more video footage as Gaeilge for the blog. Let me know if you have any good suggestions while I’m there, or people to interview!

  4. I’ll be leaving Gleann Cholm Cille on Saturday (28th) on the early morning bus.

    It might be interesting to interview Irish learners from various countries, and to ask locals what they think of Oideas Gael. There are people from Ireland, Germany, Italy, the UK, the USA, France and probably a few other places. It’s interesting that in the higher level classes there are far more people from Ireland than from other countries. In level 7 for example, there are just three non-Irish people – me and two Americans.

  5. Thanks for the reply Simon! I’ll have 2 weeks there, so something interesting will come to me for interview material! Will be up on the blog in late August 🙂

    Hope you had fun! Can’t wait to get back there on Saturday; the last time I was there was on Easter break the year after I met you, which was quite some time ago!

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