Word of the day – priodol

Today’s word, priodol, means appropriate, proper or suitable in Welsh. I came across it while reading a web page about self-employment and had to look it up as I wasn’t sure what it meant in the context. I knew that the root priod had something to do with marriage, but didn’t know it also meant proper.

Example of usage:

Mae rheolau a gyflwynwyd yn Neddf Cyllid 1994 yn golygu bod angen i chi gadw’r holl gofnodion priodol bellach.
The rules introduced in the 1994 Finance Act mean that you have to keep all the appropriate records now.

There are many more examples in the Llyfrgell Owen Phrasebank.

Related words include:

priod – married, husband, wife, spouse, proper
priodi – to marry
priodas – marriage
priodasol – marital, matrimonial, married, nuptial, conjugal, connubial
priodferch – bride
priodfab – groom
priodol – proper, appropriate, intrinsic, peculiar; respective, apposite
priodoli – to attribute, ascribe, impute
priodoldeb – propriety, appropriateness
priodoledd – attribute, property

4 thoughts on “Word of the day – priodol

  1. An interesting post. I think the fact that Welsh has survived when all of the other Celtic languages are wanning and all but dead. Do you have much use for it where you live?

  2. Chan eil sin ceart! Tha Gaidhlig Albanach fhathast beo!

    That’s not right. Scottish Gaelic is still alive!

    Our word group for marriage is similar… common roots probably?

    Posda – married
    Posadh – marriage etc


  3. I rarely get to speak Welsh at the moment, apart from occasional chats with Welsh-speaking friends, but I often listen to Welsh language radio, read Welsh novels, news, blogs, etc, and also write a blog in Welsh and Irish.

    I’m planning to move to Wales later this year and should have plenty more opportunities to use my Welsh there.

  4. Seumas: I meant no disrespect. I’m mainly referring to the small numbers of speakers. If you folks out there can create a more bilingual society like the Welsh have, more power to you!

    Simon: It sounds to me like you’ll be more than ready to ease into Welsh society when you get there. Good luck with your move.

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