I came across the word werifesteria the other day on TikTok, which means “to wander through a forest in search of mystery”.

Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing)

Another definition of this word is to “wonder longingly through the woods in search of mystery or magic” [source].

According to World Wide Words it appeared out of thin air in late 2014, and nobody seems to know who coined it. Rumours circulating on social media that it comes from Old English are apparently untrue [source].

Perhaps someone who was indulging in some 森林浴 (shinrin yoku)* came up with the word werifesteria. In case you’re not familiar with 森林浴, it’s a Japanese term that means forest bathing, forest therapy, or peaceful walk through the woods for health benefits​ [source].

Are there any other interesting forest-related words that you know?

6 thoughts on “Werifesteria

  1. Oh, Simon.

    What I nice picture you posted on your Omniglossia site. Not the one above, which is nice too, but the other one. Wow. It’s inspiring.


  2. Well, Roman Camp Hill now lives as the background for my Windows 10 PC. I can’t recall when was the last time a picture gave me this much happiness.

  3. I am wondering whether I can use this word in my upcoming novel. Does anybody know if I should avoid it, or is it free to use? I know the roots are more than whacky, but it’d be a nice touch anyway. Any thoughts apreciated.
    Best wishes, Richard

  4. I am retired in the forest on a large lake.
    I practice WERIFESTERIA on a regular basis.

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