Self-habituation and practise

Last night a friend excitedly pointed out that the Welsh word ymarfer (to exercise, practice; rehearsal; habit, custom; use) is made up of ym (self) and arfer (to use, employ; usage, practice, habit, custom, tradition, fashion, mode, manner).

So it could be literally translated as “habituating oneself” or “self-habituation”.

This may seem obvious when you think about it, but neither my friend nor I had noticed this before.

Related words include:

– ymarfer corff = physical education, training or exercise
– ymarfer dysgu = teaching practice, teacher-training
– ymarferol = practical
– ymarferoldeb = practicality; feasibility
– ymarferiad = exercise, practice, rehearsal; performance, action; use, habit, custom; conduct
– ymarferle = gymnasium
– ymarferwr = trainer, practioner

Sources: Wiktionary, Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru

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