You lucky sausage!

According to a friend who lives in Manchester, a common expression there is “You lucky sausage!”, which is used when someone has some (unexpected) good luck. For example, if you won a prize in a competition, your friends might say, “You lucky sausage you!”.

I hadn’t heard this expression before and neither has anybody else my friend asked from outside Manchester, so maybe it’s only used there. It doesn’t seem to be very common online as it only gets 666 results in Google. Does anyone from Manchester, or elsewhere, use this phrase?

A related phrase I am familiar with is “You silly sausage!” – a light-hearted and affectionate insult used when someone, especially a child, has done or said something foolish or silly.

Do you use this phrase, or have you heard it used?

If not, would you say something else in such circumstances?

5 thoughts on “You lucky sausage!

  1. In Swedish, there is the expression “lyckans ost”, which nowadays translates to ‘lucky cheese’, but I read there was another word ost earlier, which meant a stupid, simple person.

    In Finnish, we can say “onnen myyrä”, which is ‘lucky vole’ or ‘lucky mole’.

  2. I’ve lived in NW England for over 20 years although I’m not originally from this part of the UK. I actually live in Liverpool 30 odd miles from Manchester where as an outsider I do notice how the accents of Liverpool and Manchester seem to be on opposite ends of a NW dialect spectrum with a fair bit of merging in between. Saying that, I’ve never really heard of this ‘lucky sausage’ phrase but seeing as the usual formula for this kind of phrase is lucky + mild pejorative ie. lucky sod, lucky devil, jammy/lucky git, lucky so-and-so etc. I imagine the use of ‘sausage’ is an euphemistic usage for epithets as well as possibly influenced by the endearment usage of sausage (silly sausage).

  3. ‘Lucky beggar’ is another common one, suggesting that the person is somehow undeserving of their luck.

  4. ‘Lucky bastard’, ‘lucky blighter’, ‘lucky bugger’ with lots of other combinations and ‘lucky’ is interchangeable with ‘jammy’. In North Walian Welsh it’s ‘cenau lwcus’ (lucky rascal).

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