The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Kichwa shimi / Runashimi (Kichwa)

Kichwa Imbabura (Imbabura Highland Quechua)

Babel shuti torretami ruranajushca

  1. Cai pachapi causajcunaca, tucuicunami shujlla rimaita chai shimicunatalla rimanajurca.
  2. Indi llujshimuj ladomanda llujshimushpaca, cashnami ruranajurca: Sinar shuti llactapi tiaj shuj jatun pambata tarishpami, chaipi causai callarinajurca.
  3. Chaipimi, caishuj chaishuj cashna ninajurca: “Jacuchi, ladrillocunata rurashpa ninapi cusashunchi” ninajurcami. Paicunaca, rumipaj randica ladrillohuan, turupaj randica, asfaltohuanmi ruranajurca.
  4. Chai jipaca, cashnami ninajurca: “Jacuchi, shuj pueblotapash, shuj torretapash rurashunchi. Chai torrepaj umapash, jahua pachaman chayajta rurashunchi. Tucui cai pachapica, caita chaita cachai tucuipajpash canchi. Shina rurashpami, tucuicuna rijsishca tucushunchi” ninajurcami.
  5. Shinamandami Mandaj Diosca pueblota, torreta, huañuna aichayu runacuna ruranajujta ricungapaj uriajumurca.
  6. Mandaj Diosca, cashnami nirca: “Ricuichi, cai runacunaca shujllashnallami causanajun, shinallata shujlla rimaitami rimanajun. Paicunaca, ñami caita rurai callarishca. Cunanga, paicuna rurangapaj yarinajushcataca, imapash na saquichi ushangachu.
  7. Shina cashcamanda cunanga, paicunapaj rimaita chaipillata pandachingapaj uriajushunchi. Shina rurajpimi paicunapaj cumbacuna rimanajujtaca, pipash na entendi ushanajunga” nircami.
  8. Chashnami Mandaj Diosca, chai pambamandaca tucui cai pachaman, caiman chaiman cacharca. Chashna cachajpimi, pueblota ruraitaca saquinajurca.
  9. Shinamandami chai pambataca, Babel shutita shutichirca. Mandaj Diosca, tucui cai pachapi causajcunapaj rimaita chaipi pandachishcamandami, chashna shutichirca. Chai pambamandami paicunataca, tucui cai pachapi causanajuchun, caita chaita cacharca.

Source: Diospaj Shimi. Sociedades BÍBlicas Unidas 1994, Ecuador.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Kichwa is a Quechuan language spoken in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Varieties of Kichwa include Chimborazo Highland Quichua, which is spoken in Imbabura Highland Quichua, which is spoken in the Northern highlands of Imbabura Province in Ecuador, and Cañar Highland Quecha, spoken in the Southern highlands of Cañar Province.

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