The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

The Tower of Babel


Das Tur ov Babel (Gen 11: 1-9)

  1. In ala das erta abis solamin un idiom i ala uzis di sama vorten.
  2. Emigrun von das Orient, di manen findis un planiss in das erta ov Sennaar i se fiksis der.
  3. De sagenis un bai das altre: Gonu makeni briken i des koki bai das foier. De uzis di briken in timp ov stenen i das bitume des servis als mortel.
  4. Efter, de sagenis: "Gonu konstrukti un polia i un tur ktori ekstremite kolpitas di sielen. Zo, vi diverdenos famoz for preventi dat vi uns dispersi for ala das fase ov das erta".
  5. Das Master, iedok, desendis zu seni das polia i das tur dat di sonen ov manen esis edifikun.
  6. I das Master sagenis: "De konstitutas solamin un volk i parlas das sama idiom. Vis de beginas in deza moda, kaina tinga des preventos, in das futur, ov realizi ala di saina projekten.
  7. Gonu, dan, desendi i konfondi in tel moda das zaina langajia dat de non se komprenas mer unen bai di altre.
  8. I das Master dispersis des von der zu ala das fase ov das erta, i de suspendis das konstruksion ov das polia.
  9. For deza, on gebis das das name ov Babel, perke esis der dat das Master konfondis das langajia ov ala di abitanten ov das erta, i esis anke der dat das Master des dispersis dor ala das erta.

Europeze is a language created by Francisco Andrade and derived from the main European languages. It was projected as an international auxiliary language designed to be used by all Europeans as a neutral language, yet a familiar one to most Europeans. Europeze has a simplified grammar, similar to Esperanto and English. Most words have Germanic or Romanic roots and can be easily understood by most Europeans. There are also some words with Slavic or Greek roots.

More information about Europeze

The Tower of Babel in International Auxiliary Languages (IALS)

Esperanto, Europeze, Folkspraak, Ido, Interglossa, Interlingua, Interslavic, Lingua Franca Nova, Lojban, Occidental (Interlingue), Romániço

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