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Babylonian writing

The text below is a sample of early Babylonian writing and an Old Akkadian inscription, by King Sharganisharalim.

Source: Bohl, 'Akkadian Chrestomathy, I', pp.40-41.

An Old Akkadian text in a Babylonian script


Reading from the top right hand corner to the left, it reads:

(1)[d]Shar-ga-ni-shar-alim (2) maar Da-ti- [d]En-lil (3) da-nm (4) shar (5) A-ga-de[Kl] (6) u' (7) ba{11}--la-ti (8) [d]En-lil (9) baani (10) E-kur (11) biit [d]En-lil (12) in Nippurim[Kl] (13) sha tuppam (14) su{4}-a (15) u-sa-za-ku-ni (16) [d]En-lil (17) u' (18) [d]Shamash (19) ishid-su (20) li-su-ba (21) u' (22) eer-su (23) li-il-gu-da

[d] indicates a name, [Kl] indicates a country or land or city


"Sharganisharalim, son of Dati-Enlil, the Mighty One, King of Akkad and of the domains of Enlil, (is) the biulder of E-kur, the temple of Enlil, in Nippur. If anybody alters this document, may Enlil and Shamash tear out his foundation and sweep away his seed."

Thanks to Joseph Smith ( for this information.

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