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Cyfri'r Geifr

I learnt this song while studying Welsh on the Welsh Language Summer School at the University of Wales, Lampeter in June 2007. It usually starts fairly slowly then gets faster and faster, apart the first part. Another name for it is Oes gafr eto? (Is there still a goat?). It's a popular test piece at choral competitions.

Cyfri'r Geifr

Oes gafr eto?
Oes heb ei godro,
Ar y creigiau geirwon
mae'r hen afr yn crwydro.

Gafr wen, wen, wen,
Ie finwen, finwen, finwen,
Foel gynffonwen, foel gynffonwen
Ystlys wen a chynffon,
Wen, wen, wen.

Counting goats

Where is the goat?
It's time for milking
Off among the craggy rocks
The old goat is wand'ring

Goat white, white, white
With her lip white, lip white, lip white
With her tail white, with her tail white
With her tail and flank white,
White, white, white

Repeat the first part, then the second part substituting different colours for wen (white) - ddu (black), goch (red), las (blue), and repeat the second part with each of the colours. So you start with white, then black and white, then red, black and white, etc, getting faster each time.

This song can be heard on the following album:


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