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Down by the Glenside

This song, which is also known as Bold Fenian Men, was written by Peadar Kearney, who also wrote the Irish national anthem. He wrote it at the time of the 1916 Rising.

Down by the glenside, I met an old woman
A'picking young nettles and she ne'er saw me coming
I listened a while to the song she was humming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men

Fifty long years since I saw the moon beaming
On brave manly forms and their eyes with hearts gleaming
I see them all now in my days and my dreaming
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men.

Some died on the hillside, some died with a stranger
And wise men have ruled said the cause was a failure
They fought for old Ireland and they never feared danger
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men

I passed on my way, gave thanks I had met her
O be life long or short, I'll never forget her
There may be brave men, but there'll never be better
Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian men

I learnt this song at the Irish Songs and Singing class at the Hammersmith Irish Centre in London.

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