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Photos by Simon Ager

A selection of photos of me, my friends and some of the places where I've lived, visited and studied in.

Photos of the University of Wales Lampeter
University of Wales, Lampeter, where I studied Welsh in June 2007

Photos of Cuban cars and other stuff
Cuba, where I spent a couple of weeks exploring in December 2006

Photo of sombero-wearing, hourse-riding cops in Mexico City
Mexico and Guatemala, where I spent a couple of weeks exploring ancient Aztec, Zapotec and Mayan sites in November 2005

Photo of Glencolumbcille, County Donegal, Ireland
Glencolumbcille, County Donegal, Ireland, where I've been going to study Irish language and songs every summer since 2005

Photo of Inishmor, Ireland
Inishmor, Ireland, where I spent a few days in June 2006

Photo of fire poi spinning on Brighton beach
Poi spinning, a hobby I took up in about 2000

Photos of juggling and unicycling
Juggling, something I've been doing since about 1985

Photo of inline skating Brighton seafront
Skating on Brighton seafront, something I used to do whenever the weather was fine

Photo of Brighton beach
Brighton, East Sussex, England, my home from 1999-2008

Photo of Silverdale, Lancashire, where I grew up
Silverdale, Lancashire, England, my home from 1970-1988

More photos on Flickr

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