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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Translation

by IngilizceTurkce.Gen.Tr

In the past when we had to figure out the meaning of a word from another language, we made use of a dictionary. Not only was this a very time consuming task but it was kind of irritating owing to the fact that it was difficult to interpret the meanings. Moreover, when an entire paragraph or note had to be translated, this could be very difficult because one word had several meanings. So what to do? That's where the machine translator came into the picture.

But what exactly is a machine translator?

Since the advent of the 21st century, there have been a lot of developments and new technologies have been introduced which have made life more convenient and simple. A machine translator is such a small yet useful device. Machine translation, which is also known as Computer Aided Translation, is basically the use of software programs which have been specifically designed to translate both verbal and written texts from one language to another. In the face of rapid globalization, such services have become invaluable for people and you just cannot think of any disadvantages of machine translation.

Nevertheless, like everything has its pros and cons, so does machine translation. Let's go over the advantages of machine translation:

Disadvantages of Machine Translation:

These are the primary advantages and disadvantages of using machine translation for a document regardless of language. They can be weighed and the right decision can be made depending on the information and the quality that is required.