New (ish) conlang: Aoireas

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Re: New (ish) conlang: Aoireas

Postby Tikolm » Sun 24 Jun 2012 4:57 pm

I'm back -- to bore everyone! :P :lol:

I've come to realize that I'm not going to get anywhere very fast the way I've been developing Erian, so I decided once and for all to put together a list of sound and spelling changes. I've also come to terms with the reality that Erian will never be anything besides a really funky-looking dialect of French spoken by some rather confused cats. It's not P-Celtic, Q-Celtic, Brythonic, whatever, it's just pseudo-French distorted (I hope) beyond easy recognizability. There are supposed to be equal amounts of Irish and Welsh influence, but the spelling is pretty Welsh-looking and there's next to no palatalization or velarization. There may be (at least) two dialects, but I'm nowhere near figuring that out.
So, here you have the new numbers from one to ten (everything else is mushy right now):
Don't mind the differences between "Welsh Erian" and "Irish Erian", it'll all get figured out. That is, unless I decide to spend all my time writing essays (which I may at this rate). Notice the double f in "nwff" -- that's because I'm trying things out without the letter v. I think Welsh does the thing where you use <ff> for /f/ and <f> for /v/, but it could be just Brithenig. That brings me to a problem I'm running into -- Brithenig is also very much a Welshized version of French and I really dislike copying others' conlangs because it seems rude. (sigh) I should really look up Welsh orthography to see if I got it all right.

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Re: New (ish) conlang: Aoireas

Postby Tikolm » Thu 28 Jun 2012 11:49 pm

I'm posting here again, not in the hopes that anyone will be interested but only because I have new numbers.

yn - 1
dw - 2
trei - 3
catra - 4
senc - 5
sis - 6
sep - 7
wit - 8
nwff - 9
dis - 10
ons - 11
dus - 12
trais - 13
cators - 14
cens - 15
cens e yn - 16
cens e dw (cens e dhw, cens e ddw) - 17
cens e trei (cens e threi, cens e d-trei) - 18
cens e catra (cens e chatra, cens e g-catra) - 19
fint - 20
fint e yn - 21
fint e dw - 22
fint e trei - 23
fint e catra - 24
fint e senc - 25
fint e sis - 26
fint e sep - 27
fint e wit - 28
fint e nwff - 29
dw-cens - 30
dw-cens e yn - 31
dw-cens e dis / dw-fint - 40
trei-cens - 45
trei-cens e senc - 50
catra-cens / trei-fint - 60
trei-fint e cens - 75
catra-fint - 80
sis-cens / catra-fint e dis - 90
sis-cens e dis / senc-fint / san - 100
mill - 1,000 or 1,0000
millon - 1,000,000 or 1,0000,0000
millar - 1,000,000,000 or 1,0000,0000,0000
...and so on and so forth and etc. and etc. You can count everything in twenties or fifteens too if you like. It really doesn't matter; the point is to get yourself understood.

On second thought, this should all be in a different thread, as we're no longer dealing with Erian here. I'm only working on Leafish/Leafoosish/WYCI now. (WYCI stands for whatever-you-call-it.) Rest in peace, unappreciated thread.

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Re: New (ish) conlang: Aoireas

Postby Tikolm » Sat 14 Jul 2012 7:14 pm

I know this thread got killed almost a month ago, but I think you should know that it didn't deserve to die because Erian isn't yet an extinct language. I threw together a set of sound and spelling changes a few days ago and they ought to work pretty well. There's nothing useful for everyone yet, but I'll try my hand at the numbers 1-10 here:
oin = 1
dús = 2
trei = 3
caitre = 4
sinc = 5
sise = 6
set = 7
ít = 8
nufh = 9
dis = 10
(The <fh> is silent. Ituafe.)
Phonology, reworked:
a [a, A, @]
b [b]
bh [v]
c [c, k]
d [d]
dh [D]
e [e, E]
f [f]
g [g]
h [h]
i /i/ (in brackets it turns into an italic tag, sorry)
l [l]
ll [??]
m [m]
mh [v ~ w]
n [n]
o [o, O]
p [p]
r [4]
s [s, S]
t [t]
th [T]
u [u]
The main issue I've been running into is the consonant mutations. I can't figure out where you use which one. Leafoosish is pretty simple about that -- it's just got the soft mutation after words ending in a vowel -- but Erian has eclipsis and lenition, and I don't understand what triggers each one. I'd love to just use the Cymraeg y cathod system, but it's not very likely that it would be used in Erian because Erian wasn't influenced by Cymraeg y cathod.

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