New writing systems

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New writing systems

Postby ssoxsse » Thu 03 May 2012 6:09 pm

I can suggest adding the following scripts:

Nsibidi : writing native to Nigeria (Igbo and other languages).
It's somewhat similar to Chinese in its structure, there are efforts into turning it into standardised writing system:

Sui Syllabary: a syllabary used by Sui people in China, it's considered 'endangered' according to Chinese government.
Dong/Kam characters : based on Hanzi, just like Zhuang sawndip.

Bai syllabary(?) - hanzi as used by Bai people (some write it's a syllabary, unlike Chinese).

Hmong Clothes script: some Hmong people say it's their ancient writing, you can find some youtube videos on it. I am not sure if its trustful, though, very few info on the net.

Adinkra symbols: Similar to Nsibidi, don't know if it's a writing or only a set of symbols.
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