Does anybody recognize this language?

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Does anybody recognize this language?

Postby rickwakely » Mon 06 Dec 2010 6:44 pm

I'm interested to know if anyone can recognize a few words I'm curious about. They're from a novel whose author frequently borrowed from real-world languages in developing the terminology used in his fictional universe. His preferred language-donor was Arabic, but he derived his peculiar vocabulary from a number of other sources as well. The words I'm interested in are:


I'm aware that Jandola is a Pakistani placename and may be a word of Urdu origin, so I'm interested in both the etymology of that toponym and in any nearly or fully homographic words that might exist in other languages. I've found a few words in Pashto dialectal dictionaries whose transliterations approach "wekht," and a location called "Gorwekht" in several books about early twentieth century Pakistan near the Afghan border - those books also attesting "Jandola." Does anybody recognize any of these words?

Omniglot is a great resource for information on world languages, and so equally, I thought, must the forums be. Thus I submit my question to you.

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Re: Does anybody recognize this language?

Postby IJzeren Jan » Tue 07 Dec 2010 12:59 am

Hm, these words do indeed have an Indian look-and-feel to me, but it's not Hindi. Perhaps some other Indian language, like Punjabi or Kashmiri?

"Wekht"... Reminds of the Hindi word for "time", waqt.

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Re: Does anybody recognize this language?

Postby telal » Wed 15 Dec 2010 1:43 am

those words are meaningless outside of the novel you reference
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