Hello...Kaixo...Tungjatjeta...안녕하세요...Neng hao va

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Hello...Kaixo...Tungjatjeta...안녕하세요...Neng hao va

Postby Abugida » Wed 27 Oct 2010 5:11 am


For all you conlangers out there,

I have not really created any full-capability conlangs, but I have created about 30-40 conscripts and about 15 conlang sketches.

For the rest of you,

The real languages I am most interested in are Basque, Albanian, Finnish, Hittite, Wolof, Hausa, Korean, Japanese, Wu Chinese, and Nuosu...though these are likely to change soon. I have a short attention span when it comes to this sort of thing. What I mean is that I don't really study them in detail, but instead look at their interesting features and think about the most interesting features, though i may also pick up some phrases and vocabulary in the process :)

I am taking a second-year Basque class, and I am reasonably competent though illiterate in Mandarin and, of course, fluent in English.

My conlangs don't really take elements from anywhere in particular, though sometime I rip off lexicon from Basque :P

But I am, as you can guess, particularly fond of abugidas, especially Thaana, and so most of my conscripts are abugidas, including one which I use regularly and fluently which is designed for Basque. I derived it from a con-proto-script, and there are about 8 steps in between.

Hizkuntzak ikasi badituzunean, jostatu!
Ez naiz euskalduna, baina euskaraz dakit.

Thaana is awesome, no doubt about it.

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