Don't Learn German (Joke)

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Don't Learn German (Joke)

Postby Yaziq » Tue 02 Feb 2010 6:27 pm

A guy whose calls himself "itekisan" suggests that you not learn German, but learn his local dialect called "Saxon" instead. He says that Saxon is less complicated and goes faster. He provides an example comparing Standard German to Saxon. You probably should not take him too seriously. Who knows what he is actually saying in Saxon?

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Re: Don't Learn German (Joke)

Postby linguoboy » Tue 02 Feb 2010 6:44 pm

What makes it even funnier is that Saxon is widely viewed as the worst-sounding of all the German dialects. I was once trapped in a train compartment with four Saxon soldiers and after an hour I was ready to pour acid in my ears. It would've burned less.

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Re: Don't Learn German (Joke)

Postby Talib » Tue 02 Feb 2010 8:23 pm

The most notable distinguishing feature of the dialect is that the letters "o" and "u" are pronounced as centralized vowels ([ɵ] and [ʉ], which are also used in Swedish, for instance). Speakers of other German dialects that do not have these sounds tend to perceive these sounds as being "ö" [ø] and "ü" [y] respectively. For example, they hear [ʔæʉs] ‘out’ as if written "aüs" (Standard aus [ʔaʊs]) and [ˈʔɵːma] ‘grandma’ as if written "Öma" (Standard Oma [ˈʔoːma]). Front rounded vowels are pronounced as non-rounded ("ö" = [eː], "ü" = [iː]). Final -er is pronounced [ɝ], which speakers of other German dialects tend to hear as [oː]; e.g. [ˈheː(h)ɝ] ‘higher’ (Standard [ˈhøː(h)ɚ] höher) is misheard as if written "he(h)o."
Okay, this is all I need to know. It sounds awful.
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Re: Don't Learn German (Joke)

Postby Declan » Tue 02 Feb 2010 10:44 pm

Yaziq wrote:You probably should not take him too seriously.

He doesn't even take himself seriously I think!

Yes, Saxon is hardly the symbol of Germanic beauty!
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Re: Don't Learn German (Joke)

Postby Ivo » Sat 23 Oct 2010 3:12 pm

I'd gladly NOT learn Standard German, it just does nothing to me and I even find it boring but unfortunately the only way to learn a dialect is to be actually where it's spoken.

And I certainly wouldn't go for Saxon anyway.

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