Swearing in your language!

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Swearing in your language!

Postby Cthulhu » Mon 02 Aug 2010 12:35 am

Not for the kiddos, let's post common swear words in your conlangs, for ჰაშრქი and giggles!
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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby Caenwyr » Tue 03 Aug 2010 3:47 pm

There's one curse in particular I seem to be using a lot: "iArn!"

Another one I rather like is "shínirsen iónarde fhuril ivoir!"
("By the demons in the stinking pits of hell!" Demons, unlike the Gods, are considered non-existant, but are always fun to curse by)
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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby Alisbet » Sun 08 Aug 2010 10:16 am

In the Kumori Language, ho'tean means moron and that word is frowned upon the society. Another such word would be fi'jon that means Maker. It is considered as blasphemy to utter the name in the public and the youth tends to use it a lot which explains the reason why people tend to be afraid of them. And that is all for now.
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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby formiko » Wed 11 Aug 2010 11:26 pm

My favorite is the Cherokee work ᎤᎬᏌᏅ or úkshan. It means donkey hole....you can guess its true meaning :)

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Rhamos Vhailejh
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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby Rhamos Vhailejh » Sun 15 Aug 2010 10:25 pm

Duojjin has a couple of swears. Just a couple though.

sh!t/damn/f*ck; an expletive expressing disappointment, anger or pain : škaq (IPA: ʃkax)
> If you wanted to add more emphasis, you could say då škaq (dai ʃkax) (which essentially means great sh!t, but literally translates to very sh!t), or you could say škaq mjek (ʃkax mjɛk) (mjek expresses a sense of excesses similar to the English word 'too'). You could also combine the two and say då škaq mjek (dai ʃkax mjɛk), just as one would do with the word vents (thank you) (ie: då vents mjek)

f*ck; self explanatory : škåjrä or škåj (IPA: ʃkæijræ or ʃkæij)
> to f*ck; present tense : škåjrähin (IPA: ʃkæijræhi:n)
> to f*ck; past tense: škåjränen (IPA: ʃkæijrænɛn)
> to f*ck; future tense: škåjråar (IPA: ʃkæijræiar)
> to f*ck; infinitive tense: škåjränön (IPA: ʃkæijrænʊn)
> f*cked; as in "I'm f*cked" : škåjråat (IPA: ʃkæijræiat)

I could probably go on with a bajjirrion more forms of these two words, but that'd be a lil' excessive, me thinks.
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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby benny335 » Sat 21 Jan 2012 1:27 am

In Xìn Zàí (Shìn Dzàí) Hùàn means stupid person. This word is highly frowned upon by society.

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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby Elijah » Tue 28 Feb 2012 5:38 pm

In Kholi, my conlang, to fvck (infinitive) - kansata
He fvcked - Toi kansatut
He will fvck - Toi kansatetet, or kansatet (haplology)
I'm in the process of fvcking - Fe kansatemes
I've been fvcked! - Fe sepkansateis!

to defecate, to sh1t - farana
Sh1t! (imperative) - Faranatras!
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Re: Swearing in your language!

Postby Tikolm » Sun 03 Jun 2012 4:00 pm

The closest we have in Tikolmian is "tak-rielel" (guinea pigs!), which literally means fire mice. There was a time in which guinea pigs were considered very bad because they set up many fires and filled the air with smoke, but now nobody cares what guinea pigs do because they're somewhere else. Fire, however, is still considered very bad. I think you can also call someone a dog (ziv) and have it be an insult, because the dogs and the guinea pigs were both really into fires.
You can also say "via zo tak-rielel-mi" (go to the firemice) which is the rough equivalent of "go to hell".

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