A couple of Tibetan questions

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A couple of Tibetan questions

Postby adia » Sun 27 Jun 2010 4:56 pm

Hello! The following is not exactly a translation request, but I wasn't sure which was the most appropriate forum so I'm posting here.

I don't know any Tibetan, but I'd like to add the Tibetan edition of "Tintin in Tibet" to the Grand Comics Database. Can someone please help a bit?

Now, the cover text is: (taken mostly from the Wikipedia article article - please tell me if there are any mistakes)

།ཧར་རྗེར། (Author - "Hergé")
༄༅།། ཏིན་ཏིན་གྱི་དཔའ་རྩལ། (Series title - "Brave Tintin"?)
ཏིན་ཏིན་བོད་ལ་ཕྱིན་པ།། (Book title - "Tintin went to Tibet"?)
།ཀསཏར་མན། (Publisher - "Casterman")

My main question is, should I enter the above in the database exactly like this? I'm unsure, because I noticed some differences between what's on the cover and the Wikipedia entries.

For example, the entry for the book title has a single shad. Should the book be indexed like this, or with two shad as shown on the cover? And should they be input as two U+0F0D "།" characters, or as a single U+0F0E "༎"?

The author and publisher names as shown on the cover also have a shad in front, but the corresponding Wikipedia article for Hergé doesn't - it's under "ཧར་རྗེར།".

Finally, what does the "༄༅།།" sign mean? Is it part of the series name or should it be left out?

I tried searching the web for the transliterations of the series and book title, to see what's their literal meaning in English - are the translations above correct?

I sent this message to the Unicode mailing list before, but didn't get any answers - well, it wasn't actually on-topic there, so that didn't surprise me.


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