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Re: Hearing your conlangs

Postby Kloiten » Sun 06 Jun 2010 8:09 pm

alpha-omega wrote:
Kloiten wrote:alpha-omega, the sound quality was bad. And I didn't like how you read the poem. Poems are feelings expressed in words. They have to reflect the feelings that they are. You can't just read a poem. You have to read it with voice. One doesn't even have to know the language to say what I said. There is a universality of human emotion, especially love, and you need to be truthful to it.

Hi kloiten, I didn't make this audio for hearing the poem. I made it for language. So, please do not make comments about the way I read the poem. I agree with you. I didn't pay attention to it. It took me 2 minutes to prepare it. Because I have histology exam tomorrow and nobody has sent their audio files here I thought I could begin. I didn't want to write new sentences. Waste of time. Well, I promise I will read some normal sentences (not poem) next time to make everybody happy. :)

Ok, I'm glad you know how to read poems. Your reasons are completely valid. Thanks for explaining it.

I'm getting around to posting some of my own sound files. I just don't want to go onto some weird uploading site to post them.
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