Greetings from Haunsieg

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Greetings from Haunsieg

Postby Gesithan » Sat 15 May 2010 1:33 am

I am Gesithan, I am new here, hence the introductory thread. I am an avid micronationalist (Kingdom of Haunsieg), martial artist, horseman, and amateur historian. Though I dabble in Modern German and Spanish and Old English, Old Norse, and Latin, I am here mostly to refine Higgish, the language of my micronation.

By the way, my username, Gesithan, it comes from the Higgish "Gesiŧ", meaning literally "friend", though it is more often used in the sense of "I respect you", and is also the term for King Nathanael's (aka me) personal guard, the Cyŋin Gesiŧas, which carries meaning along the lines of "Capable and Loyal Friends of the King". By the way, Haunsieg has two kings. The other is King Johnathan, and his guard is called the "Gesiŧasfyrd", "army of friends".

It's all pretty elaborate by this point...

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