Standard Language - Returning with a vengeance!

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Re: Standard Language - Returning with a vengeance!

Postby Svip » Wed 31 Mar 2010 11:06 am

linguoboy wrote:
Svip wrote:I hope I was able to answer your concerns. :)

I'm still unpacking the further explanation of grammar, above. The use of the prefix mi- seems a bit odd to me. Depending on how you deal with valency in your verb structure, it might simply be the equivalent of a valence-reducing prefix such as Siouan wa-.

It might just be. As for valency, Standard verbs can at max take 2 arguments (from a grammatical point of view; though, you could argue, that quite meaningfully, they could take more), in order to take 'more arguments', you will replace one of the arguments (e.g. object or subject) with a subclause, which contains some connection between two arguments, which is then two arguments formed into one.

It is quite purposefully to make the language a bit... 'technical', if you will.

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