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Postby imbecilica » Sun 20 Dec 2009 4:10 pm

Sobekhotep wrote:
Talib wrote:For Vietnamese in particular I think it looks ugly

Although I also dislike the modern Vietnamese orthography, I do like the unfortunately obsolete chữ Nôm system.

It's not 100% obsolete, many monks within Vietnam still learn it to a fluent level. It is also not uncommon to have Chữ Nôm art during the Lunar New year.

Most Vietnamese songs (except for native Southern ones) are sung in the Northern accent ironically regardless of where the artist comes from. To a non native, there is a major difference between the Northern, Central and Southern accents.

You HAVE to watch this American woman sing Vietnamese :P

Some other examples of Vietnamese classic songs: ... re=related <a random 'modern' song>
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