Should we try for more cases like Hebrew?

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Re: Should we try for more cases like Hebrew?

Postby Sobekhotep » Wed 29 Apr 2009 9:54 pm

Neqitan wrote:
ElfoEscuro wrote:I didn't know there was unicode support for 'Phags-pa. Do you remeber the name or URL for that blog?

Relax and enjoy it.


Talib wrote:
Sobekhotep wrote:It would like kinda like Arabic.

I was thinking that too (with the letter joining) but wouldn't the letters now be sideways if we did that?

Yeah, you're right. So, that wouldn't work.

Neqitan wrote:Manchu's writing system is based in Arabic (or was it Sogdian...?)

It is descended from Sogdian but it's most recent ancestor is Mongolian, which itself comes from Old Uyghur (which came from Sogdian).
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