Manchu Semi-Pun Humour

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Manchu Semi-Pun Humour

Postby VROOR » Sat 21 Nov 2009 8:21 pm

Those who do not understand the Manchurian language, will not really able to understand the humour presented. The word-play is on 【ᡥᠠᡥᠠ】haha and【ᡤᠠᡥᠠ】gaha of which, are written almost identical in the Manchu Script.

ᡝᡵᡝ ᡝᠮᡥᡠᠨ ᡤᠠᡥᠠ ᡳᠨᡠ᠈
ᡝᡵᡝ ᡤᠠᡥᠠ ᠣᠴᡳ ᡥᠠᡥᠠ ᡳᠨᡠ᠈
ᡝᡵᡝ ᡥᠠᡥᠠ ᡝᠮᡥᡠᠨ ᠪᡝᠶᡝ ᡳᠨᡠ᠈
ᡝᡵᡝ ᡝᠮᡥᡠᠨ ᡥᠠᡥᠠ ᡳᠨᡠ᠈
ᡝᡵᡝ ᡝᠮᡥᡠᠨ ᡥᠠᡥᠠ ᡤᠠᡥᠠ ᡳᠨᡠ᠉

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