Besanese - spoken in where the divine tree grows on

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Besanese - spoken in where the divine tree grows on

Postby desmond » Thu 03 Sep 2009 4:47 pm

In Besanese myth, Besan is the island where the divine tree grows on, and the sun rises from the tree.

Native names of Besan are
榑桑 or 뿌상

in Romanization,
Busang /bu saN/

Besanese on

I have started working on Besanese last week, so there is still not much to put on the wikia page yet. But I will update the page whenever I come up with more stuff.

I tend to make the phonotactics to be CgVC, where g is a glide (/j/ or /w/), but a syllable cannot go as crazy as, for example, gwaik...

I have decided to write Besanese in a mixed script of Korean Hangul and Chinese characters, parallel to the modern Japanese writing system, well, the Koreans used to do this too, but they rarely write Chinese characters in modern daily use.

Hopefully I can write more on phonotactics, vowel harmony and the hybrid writing system by this weekend.
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Re: Besanese - spoken in where the divine tree grows on

Postby Tikolm » Sat 16 Jun 2012 12:32 am

The wikia page has Rangyayo on it, though. It also says "this conlang has moved".

I'm starting to wonder why I bother replying to old threads.

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