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Postby Aeetlrcreejl » Sun 16 Aug 2009 8:45 pm

Who of you use shorthand systems? I use Gregg all the time in my notes.

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Re: Shorthand

Postby Serali » Sun 30 Aug 2009 9:55 am


That's awesome. I don't personally know any shorthand systems although I would love to learn Teeline. I usually just use my English ciphers.

Although I don't know if I should call all of them "English Ciphers" as I'm pretty sure that they are alternative scripts for English. Most of them don't have your basic 26 symbols for 26 letters rule as I like to call it. They have alot more for diphthongs and consonant clusters.

One of my most recent ones that I made I've fell in love with and I'm thinking of writing an entire journal in it. Now I wish I had a scanner so I could show it to you guys and possibly submit it to Omniglot. But I'll just have to wait until I get one. But it'll be worth it when I do. I just hope it's soon. Would like it by X-mas but we'll see.

As long as I get it I don't care. So what about the rest of you? Do you use shorthand? Cause if you do I envy you. :P But it's a good kind of envy so no need to worry. XD

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