Camera Ad in Croatian

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Camera Ad in Croatian

Postby kaenif » Sun 16 Aug 2009 3:43 pm

I saw this advertisement on TV :D
In the advertisement the girl learns how to speak "Would you please take a photo of me" in the local language. I was curious and tried to find the language the girl speaks in, and found out that it was in Croatian. The sentence is "Molim vas, možete li me slikati?". Is the sentence correct, or does the girl speak it properly? :)
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Re: Camera Ad in Croatian

Postby Delodephius » Sun 16 Aug 2009 10:38 pm

Koliko ja vidim, sve je uredu.
As far as see, it is all ok.

In fact, with this sentence you can see one of the main differences between Croatian and Serbian (which are considered dialects of the same language diasystem; they are less different than American and British English), since in Serbian it would be "možete li da me slikate" instead of "možete li me slikati". While both use "li" (a question forming interrogative particle), Croatian prefers the usage of an infinitive over a construct of the conjunction "da" + a verb in the 3rd person. I'm not a linguist so, I'm not 100% sure if what I said is correct. :mrgreen:
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