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Re: Can an artificial language...

Postby Neqitan » Sat 04 Jul 2009 7:27 pm

linguoboy wrote:
ILuvEire wrote:Oh, okay, so the internal ablaut is the exception, and not the rule?

The usual way in which this manifests is reduction of the initial syllable. For instance, /da'var/ "word" to /dva'rim/ "words". There are some more complex examples like /'melex/ "king" > /məla'khim/, but (a) they're not especially common and (b) if this is enough to scare you away from Hebrew then, whatever you do, don't look at the verbs!

And beware ILuvEire, because this vowel reduction exists in all Arabic vernaculars (though the details change from one to another).

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Re: Can an artificial language...

Postby Tikolm » Wed 13 Jun 2012 2:04 am

I think I'll revive this thread. :idea:

I have nothing to say about Hebrew, but you can certainly classify a conlang in a natural language group. That's what I've done with Tikolmian and Conilan. I like to say Tikolmian is Indo-European the same way English is Germanic. In other words, Tikolmian has a recognizably Indo-European syntax and grammar and a few cognate words, but it's been heavily influenced by a totally unrelated language, that of the Cryptian cats. At least, this is the backstory. None of that is actually true. It's based on English, but you'd never know it because I run the words through an encoding. If any of them look similar (which some do), they've been borrowed or it's a total coincidence.
Conilan is French without the main sound changes that are unique to French. I've left in the b to v change and such, but the phonology is much closer to Spanish. So it's definitely a Romance language that evolved from Latin, and might even have existed had French taken a slightly different course.
Fooblian, however, is a member of its very own imaginary language family. I haven't created any of its relatives and probably never will, though. It's a relative of the cat language that influenced Tikolmian.

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