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Latin for my conlang

Postby Aika-sáni » Wed 04 Dec 2013 1:51 am

Here's a quick look at a version of the latin Alphabet I created in order to write my conlang on the computer. Originaly I used a conscript to write it, then I adapted the latin alphabet and nowerdays I tend to use the latin version rather than the conscript.
This version is now around 5 years old. It has some out-dated aspects which I am intending to ammend.
The pronounciation is approximate and the sounds shown is the most commonly used for each letter, however, there are alternative pronunciations for many which I will cover some other time. Much of the phonology is also out dated. Isn't it wonderful how a conlang can change in a similar way to a natural language!
(Letters that are now rarely used are uncapitallised)
Archeaic order ABC A à Á B C Ć D E È É F G H I ì Í J K L Ĺ M N Ń O Ó P q R Ŕ S t U Ù Ú v w X Y Z ̣́ź '
Alternative forms ......A' AA CC/Ç...E' EE........I' II.....L'/LL N'/NN OO.....RR.....U' UU...........ZZ
Modern order A Á B C Ć D E È É F G H I Í J K L Ĺ M N Ń O ́Ó P R Ŕ S U Ù Ú X Y Z '

A /a/
À silent
Á /ɑ/
E /ɛ/
È /ə/
É /e/
I /i/
Ì /.i/
Í /͡ii/
O /o/
Ó /ɔ/
U /u/
Ù /ʊ/
Ú /y/

B /m/
C /s/
Ć /z/
D /t/
F /f/
G /k/
H /h/
J /j/
K /x/
L /l/
Ĺ /l:/
M /m:/
N /n/
Ń /n:/
P /p/
Q /kʲ/
R /ɾ/
Ŕ /ɻ/
S /ʃ/
T /tʲ/
V /v/
W /w/
X /ɕ/
Y /ʝ/
Z /ʒ/
Ź /θ/
' /./ or /?/
Dća a haíjạ́na ce Hijẹíba, Saï--ba, Ạía, Yedẹma ai ba cạjam.

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