How many scripts can you read

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How many writing systems do you know?

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Re: How many scripts can you read

Postby mousefire55 » Mon 14 Jan 2013 10:10 pm

I read these, but, for the most part, don't speak them.


Hebrew (with difficulty)
Arabic (I have trouble remembering vowels though)
Traditional Mongolian

Either nine or fifteen, depending on how you look at it.
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Re: How many scripts can you read

Postby flootzavut » Mon 14 Oct 2013 3:02 pm

Ones I'm good at:

Latin (clearly!) - also generally the variants as used in Eastern European languages - I'd tend to count them all together, including any that use diacritics in as being, essentially, Latin
Cyrillic and its variants - fluently for Russian, various degrees of fluency for others
Greek - not bad
Hebrew - slowly, and depends enormously on the context - I can always read the actual letters, I have them down pat both handwritten and printed, and I can write them, too, but being able to actually read the words aloud/know the vowels/understand in plene script? That depends enormously on context and whether I have enough language to be able to make the right assumptions in any given piece of text - I've not attempted to read Yiddish, so have no idea how fluent I'd be reading that

Not so great at:

Hiragana and katakana - knew them once, but I'm beyond out of practice... heck, out of practice would be a compliment heheh
Arabic script - I have learned this, or tried to, several times, but not having a tame Arabic speaker to hand means that I haven't figured out the subtle differences between certain letters that are represented similarly in Latin letters, and that makes it that much harder to use my usual methods of memorising a script... I can write my name and Salaam! I would love to get this down at some point, as I think it's a beautiful script

On my "to learn" list:

Korean Hangul
Tengwar (so pretty!)
Some form of runes once I figure out which...

I'd make that four scripts in which I have some serious degree of competency. I can read most Eastern European languages, though much of what I read I wouldn't actually understand, ditto Western European languages, but since they generally use inflected or modified versions of Cyrillic or Latin letters, I wouldn't count them as individual scripts.
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Re: How many scripts can you read

Postby iandun » Thu 28 Nov 2013 4:26 pm

As my native language is English, I can obviously read the Latin Alphabet.

I'm also pretty good with Cyrillic (Russian in particular), and can decipher Greek.

As for scripts I would like to learn:

Burmese Alphabet
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