A new newbie

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A new newbie

Postby Emanuelo » Sun 28 Jul 2013 2:31 pm


I’m Emanuelo, from Strasbourg (France). I’m student in protestant theology. I like learn and speak other tongues, even if I’m not very talented… My mother tongue is French. In high school, I learnt English and Italian: today I can speak English, but my knowledge of Italian is… small. I just can read it.

In university, I learnt Hebrew and Koine Greek. But I didn’t used this languages for years, therefore I have only some notions, mainly in Hebrew (I’m better in Greek). I also learnt Latin, and I use it very often (I’m a medievalist). For pleasure, I also learnt Esperanto, and I love it.

I want to learn German and Lojban. I’m also a conlanger, and I’m creating the Glotta language.
Emanuelo, French student in protestant theology.
Native tongue: French. I also speak: English, Esperanto. I can read: Italian, Ancient Greek (in fact, Koine), Latin, Hebrew (a little). I’m creating a conlang, Gelota. I’ll learn German and Lojban soon.

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Re: A new newbie

Postby linguoboy » Mon 29 Jul 2013 3:57 pm

Bienvenu, Emanuelo!

I learnt German pretty close to where you study, in the university town of Freiburg im Breisgau. If you do the same you'll have such a charming Southern accent!

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