Hello! שלום! Здравствуйте! Saluton! And other greeting words

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Hello! שלום! Здравствуйте! Saluton! And other greeting words

Postby flootzavut » Mon 14 Oct 2013 12:37 pm

Hi, I'm new!

I am from Britain and I'm a language addict.

Currently studying Hebrew, having a dabble in Esperanto. Also hoping to brush up my poor neglected Russian.

Studied French at school, along with very very small bits of German and even less Spanish.

Studied Russian at university, along with one year of Croatian. Also did an evening class in Japanese and some BSL - for one very interesting term, I was doing three hours of Russian, one of Croatian, one and a half of BSL then two hours of Japanese in the same day. Fun and confusing at the same time...

Have also attempted Arabic several times and failed horribly, although I adore the script.

Fair few others I've dabbled in along the way, too. Also, I love different alphabets/scripts/abjads/you name it. New pet project I'm going to start soon is learning Devanagari.
Fluent: English, rusty Русский
Learning: עברית, Esperanto
Previously learned/would like to brush up: Hrvatski
Bits and pieces of various other languages!

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