Hello to all

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Hello to all

Postby Diaylos » Fri 07 Jun 2013 10:07 pm

Good morning everyone.
My name is diaylos and Italian.
I do not know English very well so I ask you sorry
for possible lexical or grammatical errors.
my main language is Italian i also know a
bit of English and Spanish, since i went to
high school i was impressed to idea of a language
correct in ever its combination, philosophic
veri general and decimal. And a second
system to pass to a general view to a
particular construction. One have both
homogeneity and specificity. Looking for some idea
and usefull conversation, good posting at all.

it is necessary that justification was be itself built |
it became necessary via the flow of past time.
Translation of - Work in progress; It is silly - languages #1
rau mi ti rau viti rau ipippi rau lo.

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