Post-beginners! Improve your Spanish using any webpage

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Post-beginners! Improve your Spanish using any webpage

Postby Loogla » Thu 25 Apr 2013 11:50 pm

Ok, ok, not *any* webpage, but any Spanish web page, and our platform transforms it into a learning environment that guides, quizzes, and gives you insights into the language.

My name is Jen, and I am the co-founder for a really cool new platform for learning Spanish called Loogla. While living in Argentina, my partner and I became frustrated by being on the "language plateau" and with the lack of interesting materials and tools for intermediate+ users (doesn't it seem like everything out there is geared to beginners??). So, we designed the system that we had been wishing for.

The nutshell version is that with Loogla you can go to any Spanish language webpage and convert it into a dynamic and interactive learning environment. If you don't already have a page in mind, we curate a Spanish content library and can make recommendations based on your interests. We have two page modes: Smart Syntax (where gender, tense and grammar are color and symbol coded into the page) and Activity Mode where multimedia lessons and quizzes created by expert teachers are integrated seamlessly into the page. What's more, every word in the page becomes clickable (you can look for word translations, add words to vocabulary lists, make image flash cards, take notes and more). There's a lot more to it than that, but it's a very cool tool and there's nothing like it out there.

I'm posting here to get the word out! We're in closed beta and looking for test users. Basically, you can use our system for free in exchange for feedback. We have an explainer video on, and if you like what you see please sign up and meet your new language goals!
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