Shalmavu Azamiyo! ^_^

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Shalmavu Azamiyo! ^_^

Postby Lord-Ragnarock » Sun 09 Sep 2012 12:13 am

My name is Eric Thompson, but Ragnarock also works! :D

It's only been since 2010 since I've really gotten into writing and linguistics, which started by looking through the JAARS' Museum of the Alphabet in Waxhaw, NC (Only an hour from where I live in Charlotte!), but it's a rather fun hobby at this point!

Even if visiting JARRS was after graduating high school, that visit's done a major remap of my career plans over the past two years. From Computer Science major to Japanese Major (And possiby a second language major, like Spanish), and plans for a Master's in linguistics! :] (I plan to teach a Language Invention class when I have the degree and experience.)

At this point, I've gotten into conlangery, and am even doing ocasional experiments with scripts. In my attempt to find an "earthly" way to write my conlang "Meikar," I ended up finding a (semi-complete) way to write Japanese with the Hebrew abjad (And still keep using Kanji!), so I'm trying to see if I can get that into effect.

Good to be here! And hopefully I can learn a lot from here ^_^;
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Re: Shalmavu Azamiyo! ^_^

Postby Elijah » Sun 09 Sep 2012 3:50 pm

Hmmm. Japanese with an abjad??? Bizarre, but workable. :D :D
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