Hi from an occult buff!

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Hi from an occult buff!

Postby Lexicon » Mon 20 Aug 2012 10:32 pm

Hello everyone!

I've just registered on here so I thought I'd intro myself.

I'm a Manchester lass with a long standing interest in a great many occult / esoteric type subjects, and for the last few years I've been intrigued by the way many cultures have overlaid symbolism on the letters of their alphabets. I'm not sure how far this is general knowledge, but plenty of alphabets attach so much mystical stuff to their letters it beggars belief and the Roman alphabet looks like quite a party pooper in comparison.

It started in early 2006. Runes and Ogham are two systems of divination using alphabets where the letters have symbolism, and also Tarot is bound up with the Hebrew alphabet. Now I was aggravated that the same letter had different symbolism in each alphabet: U in Runes is an auroch (like an ox), in Ogham heather, in Hebrew a nail. How to retain all this without getting mixed up? Try to find a common denominator, and remember that. I started researching all the alphabet symbolism I could find, and what started as an idle project for a wet Sunday became a sprawling 24-alphabet beast / labour of love.

It's been anything but dull and I've rubbed shoulders with ancient Greeks who invoked an angel with an unpronounceable name over every letter of the alphabet (eh? To do what exactly?), and members of an obscurereligious sect in southern Iraq - the Mandaeans - for whom both the alphabet and the number 24 are so sacred that they resorted to repeating the letter A at the end just to make up the amount.

I'm guessing not many people came here for the same reason but Omniglot's been a real help for me when it comes to finding out the nuts and bolts of an alphabet, and I've haunted this place for some years! Looking forward to chatting to everyone.


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