Good morning

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Good morning

Postby Josh95 » Sun 26 Feb 2012 11:07 pm

Hi, everyone. I think I'm supposed to talk about myself here before I start posting, so here is a jikoshoukai:
My (user)name is Josh95. I am between the ages of 0 and 100 and enjoy conlangery. 高校で日本語を話すことを勉強しています。I am also interested in computer programming. I also have a few questions about phonology and I may post a translation request for something that looks like Egyptian hieratic. I am a native speaker of Australian English.

Native: English
Learning: 日本語, Python, Pascal (through Lazarus)
Creating: A language
Interested in: Turkish, Korean

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Re: Good morning

Postby erikespo » Mon 27 Feb 2012 9:38 pm

Hi Josh 95,

What languages are you interested in? It looks like Japanese is one.

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