I got lost and ended up here...

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I got lost and ended up here...

Postby kyonides » Thu 13 May 2010 8:21 am

Or at least that's what I think that happened today... Oh wait, I guess I've spoken with neqitan and other fellows here... Hmmm, my memory doesn't seem to be as good as it was one or two years ago... Well, I guess what's left to do is to say hi to all you, guys and gals.

About me...

(Warning: Don't read it if you get bored easily!)

So far I have created 3 conlangs named Kexyana (or Kexỹana, the oldest one with several pronounciations), Lekmeë (/lekmeis/) and Eskovas (Ēşvokã /eCvokas/, the youngest one). Only the first one has a full-fledge dictionary and a related half-developed conworld, the next one only has a brief description of its conworld and conspeakers and the last one is just a conlang and nothing else.

I'm not good at specifying what their consonant and vowel inventories are and it gets even worse if asked if it's affricate or fricative or nasal and so on.

(Second Warning: This is the end, my friend!)

See ya!
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