Caíjá and hallo

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Caíjá and hallo

Postby Aika-sáni » Sun 04 Apr 2010 10:09 pm

Caíjá, Hello, Hallo, Salut, Ciao, Saluton, नमस्ते, Dia duit, Агов, Привет, 您好, مرحب & שלום. : )
Hello I'm not exactly new here; I was a member for quite a long time and a farely regulare contributer under the user name Chris. I made my last post just before easter last year before going on a school trip to Italy for 2 weeks. I was surprised to come home and find that omniglot forum was no more. Once it was back I joined (under a new name) but had lost the habit of writing and also had lots of exam work. So Now it it just over a year since I last wrote and am looking farward to doing it again and meeting all the new people and hopefully some of the old ones too. : )
I am 19, British and living and working in Paris, France as an Au-Pair and learning German and French here.
English is my only fluent language but I am learning German and French and have learnt Russian, Irish gealic, Ukrainian and Italian to some level. I have started or will soon start looking at Esperanto and Mandarin and have also learnt some Arabic and Hebrew.

On top of that I am also working on a conlang called (Cara)Caísa and am planning another conlang project for the new future.
My main interrest is in scripts and I have learnt a great many and have knowledge of many more, unfortunatly I can't do much with my knowledge, apart from caligraphy, as I don't speak the languages. : (
Dća a haíjạ́na ce Hijẹíba, Saï--ba, Ạía, Yedẹma ai ba cạjam.

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