Hello Omniglotters!

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Hello Omniglotters!

Postby Babbler » Sat 03 Oct 2009 7:18 pm

Hey! I'm a 22-year-old Canadian. Only recently have I gotten an interest in languages (although my interest in languages is mostly of external, sociolinguistics kind. I would make a poor grammarian, of either the descriptive or prescriptive kind). so I just an unilingual anglophone now. I thinking of working on my (poor) French and after that, trying German or Spanish, but I really like to try learning the lesser used, even endangered languages of the world.
Native language: English
Second language: Français

That's it. :(

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Re: Hello Omniglotters!

Postby Sobekhotep » Sun 04 Oct 2009 5:57 am

Welcome to the Omniglot forum! :mrgreen:
ለሐዘበ ፡ ዘየደአ

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