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Хэлло Эвриуан!

Postby DaveZ » Thu 08 Dec 2016 12:39 am

My name is Dave and I am the Founder and current Bureaucrat of Cyrillic.Wikia, a site where users are able to read and create new articles of different languages using the Cyrillic alphabet. Everyone can edit there.

The goal is to be enable all the world languages to be written using Cyrillic through experimentation and eventual standardization where possible.

The site can be found here:

At present, twelve languages have been enabled and this list will eventually grow over time.
If you want a certain language to be added to the list, you can create a Main Page for that language and then link to the front page.
(The site uses Wiki Markup language so if you are an existing Wikipedia editor then you can edit in Source Mode and the rest should be second-nature to you. If you have never edited on Wikipedia before, then you can still edit in "Visual Mode")

To create a page, you simply click the "Add New Page" button, type in the language prefix and name of the article, (eg. Wp/en/Канада or Wp/de/Франкфурт if you are writing a German Cyrillic article).

For guides on how the Cyrillic alphabet is written for each language, read this page (mostly omniglot-based links):
http://cyrillic.wikia.com/wiki/Help:How ... r_language

If you would like to experiment with creating new articles in English Cyrillic (or any other language), then feel free to start editing there!

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