Sé Alfabetsí Knašta

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Sé Alfabetsí Knašta

Postby iandun » Thu 28 Nov 2013 4:09 pm


I have developed an alphabet based of the Greek and Latin alphabets for my constructed language Knašta (Kinashta in English).

I was wondering what you thought about the alphabet (in terms of read and writeability, and the general look of it).
Knašta Alphabet
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Re: Sé Alfabetsí Knašta

Postby Khunjund » Sat 09 Aug 2014 1:07 am

This looks very good in general, but a few of your letters look a bit too similar, particularly žed and ǰed (in upper case), þéta and sé (again, in upper case), šé and čé, tó and t'ó, and uta and ůta. By the way, why didn't you make the letter ůta the same as uta, but with an accent? Wouldn't that have been more consistent? Anyways, consider placing a stroke through either þéta or sé (I recommend þéta), or making the head of (uppercase) þéta more like an И. Especially when writing quickly, people won't maintain the difference these two letters. Similarly, the single stroke differentiating šé/čé and tó/t'ó is liable to be shortened or omitted. Consider extending it to entirely close up čé and cross through t'ó, then proceed to create new lowercase forms. The letters žed and ǰed aren't too similar, but you might consider exaggerating the loop of ǰed, just in case. Also, I would personally make the lowercase form of ǵé a reversed Ч, just to avoid any possible confusion with zed. It would improve legibility if you added a few ascenders and descenders as well. Apart from that, it's very readable in printed form (you might have a little difficulty creating a legible cursive form).
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